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Bowing Basement Walls And When To Get A Professional Inspection New Hyde Park, NY

Bowing Basement Walls And When To Get A Professional Inspection New Hyde Park, NY The foundation of your house is a key determinant of the strength of the house. The foundation bears the house’s weight and ensures that the building stands firm. Given that your basement’s walls are part of the foundation of your building, any sign of bowing basement walls can be concerning. Bowing basement walls are a sign of foundation damage. If left unrepaired, bowing basement walls can cause severe horizontal cracks, which may lead to the crumbling of some sections of the foundation. At this point, your house will be unsafe to live in. Knowing the causes of basement wall bowing and how a professional repair company can help you address the issue is critical for a timely response to the problem. Factors that cause basement wall bowing Plumbing leaks: Unchecked plumbing leaks near the basement wall

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Foundation Repair | Mineola, NY | BOCCIA Inc. Waterproofing Specialists

Learning About Foundation Repair Before Your Next Project Is Important Mineola, NY

Learning About Foundation Repair Before Your Next Project Is Important Mineola, NY What would you do when faced with a crack in your foundation wall? Would ignore it, attempt to repair it on your own, or seek the services of a foundation expert? While seeking the assistance of a professional is vital for foundation repair, so is gaining knowledge on your foundation and repairs. It is not uncommon for homeowners to show no interest in their foundations until they are faced with a flooded basement or some similar disaster. Many don’t realize the importance of learning about foundation repairs even when they are forced to do them. While handing over the repair of your foundation to an expert is a good choice, you should also seek to become more knowledgeable about it for the following reasons. It will save you money Learning about foundation repair will ensure that you know

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Foundation Repair | Garden City Park, NY | BOCCIA Inc. Waterproofing Specialists

Important Indicators That Means You Should Contact A Foundation Repair Company Garden City Park, NY

Important Indicators That Means You Should Contact A Foundation Repair Company Garden City Park, NY The foundation of your house plays two very critical roles. First, it supports the building by bearing its weight and ensuring that the walls of the house stand firm. Second, the foundation helps keep moisture out of your building by acting as a barrier against water in the surrounding ground. Therefore, signs of damage to the foundation of your house can be worrying. What is more worrying is that some signs of foundation problems can be insidious and not easy to notice. Other signs of foundation damage can be seen very far away from the foundation, such as on door frames and windows. But the good news is that many foundation problems can be repaired. All you have to do is to act quickly by requesting a foundation repair company to inspect your building in

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Why Basement Waterproofing Is Vital To Your Home Suffolk County, NY

Why Basement Waterproofing Is Vital To Your Home Suffolk County, NY Water damage is the most common type of damage in a home since it can be caused by several factors including rain, seepage, humidity and leaks in the plumbing. The basement of your home is particularly susceptible to damage caused by water because water from any source can penetrate through cracks in the foundation. As well, poor ventilation of the basement can lead to a buildup of moisture and hence damage to the basement walls. Research has shown that about 98% of basements experience damage due to water at some point. You can prevent water damage in your home through basement waterproofing. Below are some benefits that you can reap by waterproofing your basement. 1. You Prevent Basement Flooding If your home is located in a flat area or downslope, flooding is likely to be a common problem. A

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Basement Flood | Garden City, NY | BOCCIA Inc. Waterproofing Specialists.2

Drainage Mistakes That Impact Your Foundation Queens, NY

Drainage Mistakes That Impact Your Foundation Queens, NY Basement waterproofing is much more than installing a waterproofing system at the basement level. Drainage around the foundation is a vital part of waterproofing. A good drainage system will ensure that your foundation is protected from runoff when it rains or when snow melts. If this water is not channeled away from the home’s foundation, it will saturate the soil and destabilize your foundation. If you engage an experienced and skilled basement waterproofing contractor,  they will not only work to install a waterproofing system at basement level but also help you ensure that all other drainage issues are dealt with. Poor drainage will not only make your waterproofing system work harder but may also overwhelm it and cause serious damage to your foundation. The following are some drainage mistakes that you should avoid in order to ensure the safety of your foundation.

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Parking Garage Waterproofing Nassau County, NY

Parking Garage Waterproofing Nassau County, NY When we are called out to investigate a leaking multi-level parking garage or plaza deck it is typically initiated by complaints of damage it caused to the parked cars within it. The materials the dripping water extracts from the concrete as it passes through has a tendency to play havoc on a paint job. But in addition to this problem, there are other concerns that the leaks possess. Parking and Plaza deck construction is typically comprised of a horizontal steel reinforced concrete slab supported by steel or steel reinforced concrete beams. This system is normally bridged between vertical walls or columns and is required to support the weight of automobiles or soil overburden. Over time moisture enters into the concrete and corrodes the steel components greatly affecting the original design specification and reducing the bearing capacity of the structure. The rusting steel also has

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Crawl Spaces That Are Unprotected Can Have A Negative Effect On Your Home Suffolk County, NY

For many years the condition of the crawl space has been out of sight and out of mind until it was determined that what is under the house ends up within the living space. This is a result of the “Stack Effect” which pulls the air up through the house. Leaking foundations, water seepage up through the ground or water flowing over vent openings creates puddles and floods. This water eventually evaporates increasing the humidity levels to near 100 percent. This damp, wet unhealthy air is then drawn into the upper levels of the house creating a damp wet unhealthy situation where people sleep, eat and live. The higher humidity levels can also contribute to the growth of destructive mold on the building components and contents. When you have a dirt crawl space, it makes sense that all kinds of critters make their home there. Almost anything can easily enter

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Water Recharge Wells, Drywells and Ground Water Drainage Systems Garden City, NY

Is water from your roof being directed into your basement? Rainwater that falls on and around a house or building complex needs to be managed, so that it doesn’t create undesirable conditions. Water that puddles on paved areas, such as walkways, driveways and parking lots, can freeze during the winter months, creating hazards. Water accumulation in planter beds and grass areas will eventually seep into the ground and create saturated ground conditions adjacent to basements and crawl spaces. This can increase hydrostatic pressure and the possibility for interior leaks. Uncontrolled water flow from downspouts or negative pitched grading will increase the potential for erosion and damage to landscaping and hardscaping alike. That’s when site drainage, French drains or a drywell can be of assistance. Boccia Inc. can visually survey most properties and design a drywell or drainage system to manage the water flow. The discharges from roof gutter downspouts can

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Rizziero Boccia 1930 – 2020

Rizziero Boccia immigrated from Italy in 1947 with only the shoes on his feet and a second- grade education. For many this would be considered a setback, but for Rizziero his young life experience served as the baseline to build something great and eventually achieve the “American Dream.”   In 1955, Rizziero began his career waterproofing the many wet basements that existed on Long Island including installing French Drains.  At the time, French drains were not a known commodity and he had to convey to customers the science behind the drains in broken English.  But through his tireless work ethic he grew his business and earned an exceptional reputation of doing the job right. During these years, Rizziero had his young family working beside him and taught them the waterproofing trade. Rizziero built an incredible reputation on Long Island’s gold coast which was plagued by water problems. He worked for many businesses,

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Five Steps to Minimize Water Damage to Your Home Great Neck, NY

Five Steps to Minimize Water Damage to Your Home Great Neck, NY Water damage can cause a loss of possessions, structural compromise, and can severely impact your property value. And hopefully, it’s a problem you never have to encounter.    But if you suddenly spot unwelcome water in your home, there’s still time to stop it before the damage becomes permanent. If you run into the unlucky situation of a large spill, a leaky roof or, yikes, a burst pipe in your home, you can hopefully minimize your damage to keep your place livable and, well, dry. Just start by following these simple steps. Find Where the Leak Is Coming From If you notice leaking, or water pooling in a room in your home, it’s important to assess your water damage in order to plan your clean up. You’ll want to discover where the water is coming from, and find a

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