Structural Repairs

Boccia Inc. provides structural repair services of basements and crawl spaces.

If you notice that the walls of your basement are cracking, it is imperative that a professional look into the matter. These are elements that can affect the stability of your home and your safety.

Here at Boccia Inc, we have the expertise to identify building design flaws and defective details and can prescribe corrective solutions that are cost effective. We have the technical skills and experience to resolve basement structural problems.

Our affiliate engineering firm can develop engineered solutions and perform soil boring investigations as needed.

Structural Repairs Include

  • Foundation repair – Rebuild or restoration of foundations
  • Cracked Basement Walls – Foundations wall structurally repaired against movement and waterproofed
  • Horizontal foundation cracks – These cracks could be the sign of trouble and must be corrected.
  • Basement floor settlement – Settled floors restored
  • Beam repair or replacement – Main house girders assessed and restored or replaced as needed
  • Column repair or replacement – New concrete block or steel post columns installed on concrete footings
  • Termite Damage repair – Structural termite damage evaluated and structurally repaired
  • Wood decay repair – Foremost authority on surveying wood rot and decay and replacing or repairing
  • Helical pile repair – Soil problems and foundations stabilized with helical piles (piers) drilled
  • Retaining wall – Retaining wall construction and evaluation


structural repair
Column Buckling – Corrected
structural repairs
Beam Foundation Wall Crack – Corrected


structural repair
Retaining Wall Collapse – Wall Reconstructed

structural repairs
Crack Analysis – Evaluated

structural repairs
Foundation Underpinning Completed



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