Rizziero Boccia 1930 – 2020

Rizziero Boccia was a man of innovation, passion and perseverance who taught his family to “Work The Farm”, which was the term he used for his waterproofing business. To Rizziero family was everything.

Rizziero immigrated from Italy in 1947 with only the shoes on his feet and only a second grade education. For most this may have been considered a setback, but for Rizziero  these life experiences served as the baseline for Rizziero to build something great and eventually achieve the “American Dream”. In 1955 Rizziero began selling French Drains before they were common, using broken English and working hard to convey to potential customers the science behind the drains. Rizziero always made sure family was with him on his various trips around the area and taught his family his knowledge through “doing” and leading by example.

Rizziero built an incredible reputation on Long Island’s Gold Coast which is one of the most competitive regions in the country. Rizziero was particularly proud to work with the United States Kings Point Merchant Academy where all of the engineers loved him and his ability to solve their water problems. In addition to the Merchant Academy Rizziero worked for many Long Island hospitals, temples and Rabbis.

Rizziero had the mind of an engineer which extended to two of his sons, both of which went on to become NYS licensed Professional Engineers and run the business to this very day.

Boccia Inc. Waterproofing Specialists is in its 65th year in business, and has grown to be the regions #1 waterproofing company, respected by their peers, engineers, and architects.

Rizziero had a true love for his business and those who worked with him which he considered family. Rizziero’s work ethic and love of all those he came into contact with during his life – will be carried on through the continued success of Boccia Inc. Waterproofing Specialists.

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