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News from Boccia, Inc.

Five Steps to Minimize Water Damage to Your Home

Water damage. You hope you never have to deal with it, but if you must, it’s best to be prepared.  ...
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Foundation Crack

How Carbon Fiber Foundation Crack Reinforcement Really Works

Most houses and buildings are supported by foundations that rely on a solid base. Unfortunately though, external lateral pressures against ...
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Sump Pump

Why a Sump Pump is at the Heart of Modern-Day Living

It would shock most people if they found out how much we rely on sump pumps in daily situations. In ...
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French Drain

What is a French Drain System, and How does it Work?

A French drain system, otherwise referred to as a sub-floor drainage system or pressure relief system, is a perforated pipe ...
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basement flood queens ny

Why Do Basements In Queens New York Flood?

Buildings and homes located in Queens, New York have unique characteristics that increase their risk of basement leaks.  Saturated wet ...
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basement flood long island ny

Why Do Basements Flood On Long Island?

Long Island New York is exactly what the name implies - an Island surrounded by water. This water is one ...
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Cracks in Brick Houses and Buildings

From the fairy tale of the three little pigs, we have an image of masonry houses being invincible. Unfortunately, this ...
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Grading and Pitch Problems

Is It Raining More Than Before?

During the last 30 years of investigating water intrusion issues, I’ve heard people proclaim countless times, it’s raining more now ...
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Foundation Crack Repair Long Island

Foundation Wall Cracks

Why Do I Have Cracks in My Foundation Wall Foundation wall cracks occur for a number of reasons and can ...
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